C.R.S. Impianti’s business activities mainly focus on the design, installation and maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems, mainly operating across Italy. Thanks to the works designed and executed by our expert staff, the company has gained recognition over the years, along with the trust and confidence of its customers. This has led to some of our more wealthy customers requesting the intervention of C.R.S. Impianti abroad, creating the need to open a new branch office in Ghana and a registered (non-operational) office in Spain.

C.R.S. impianti s.r.l.ITALIA >

  • Via Maestri del lavoro, 33
    24020 - Gorle (BG)
  • +39 035 4123033
    +39 035 4123036
  • info@crsimpianti.it

C.R.S. Plants Gh. Ltd.Ghana >

  • P.O BOX AN 10907
    Ring Road Central, Asylum Down
  • info@crsplants.com.gh

C.R.S. impianti s.r.l.Spain >

  • Calle Cristobal Bordiu
    28003, Madrid
    CIF N0056288O

  • info@crsimpianti.it