This phase ensures the functionality and efficiency of the system over time: it is therefore a key factor in the “credibility” of our customer care service.

A team of specialised technicians checks that the technical characteristics of the system undergoing final testing are in line with the design requirements. Our technicians begin by getting to know the entire system filling out appropriate check lists regarding the installed equipment; subsequently they perform report tests using SIT certified instruments.

They then proceed with the start-up phase, followed by the completion of the test sheets previously drawn up by our engineering staff.

The detection of parameters and values (flow, temperature, relative humidity, noise measurements etc.) are the final step before the delivery of the system, along with the relative technical documentation and certifications. When each work contract is completed, the contract monograph is prepared and delivered to our Clients, containing the Design Project, the Declaration of Conformity the Graphic Documents along with all related certifications, the documentation and the user manuals for the equipment used.

A significant amount of corporate resources are focused on support services, which include the management, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the systems with three different types of remote management software.

Today, remote management is an exceptionally user-friendly building management system: it allows remote supervision and control anywhere, anytime.
Thanks to a recent project, the customer (or one of our operators) can monitor the system status of any building, of any size and functionality, anywhere and at anytime. The remote maintenance system uses the Internet; it is activated through personal computers and/or PDAs with e-mail, SMS and fax alarms. A secure solution, which reduces operating and management costs, without the installation of additional software and without the presence of an on-site technician.
Remote management can measure temperatures, relative humidity, flow rates, times and operating variables; it can promptly diagnose any anomalies and change the on, off, closing and opening configuration parameters. All this, remotely and in real time.