Electrical Systems


C.R.S. Impianti is a well-established, dynamic enterprise that keeps abreast of all innovation aspects to provide a comprehensive 360 degree service in the electrical installations sector. In addition to satisfying all customer demands, our company aims to become a global reference point, availing itself of extensive experience in civil, tertiary and industrial electrical systems, achieved during years and years of design and realisation activities.

C.R.S. Impianti realises electrical systems which are the fundamental infrastructure used to convey electricity from the delivery point to the actual utility points. It has always been at the forefront, closely following technological evolution to ensure compliance with the most advanced safety standards, energy saving aspects and the functionality and respect for architectural contexts.

The electrical systems inside living accommodations, whether they are residential units within residential complexes, or independent villas, are constantly evolving and, nowadays, they are no longer simply a fundamental functional element for habitation, but also a tool used to interact in an increasingly accurate manner so as to create a human scale environment, with increasingly customisable user interfaces to maximum the living experience in one’s own home.

Weak current systems complete each plant system by introducing active and passive safety, entertainment and control functions according to the required specifications. C.R.S. Impianti proposes itself as a System Integrator for all weak current systems, as it can build customised single systems or integrated complex systems. Multiple-year collaborations with the major manufacturers in the sector and the continuous investment in training of its technicians make C.R.S. Impianti the ideal partner for any weak current solution.

  • Structured wiring BUS systems
  • Data transmission networks
  • Electric panels
  • Control pulpits
  • Burglar alarm/surveillance systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Access control systems
  • Fire detecting systems
  • Visual recognition signal systems
  • Automation and home / building automation control
  • Programming, timing and monitoring also remotely
  • Indoor and outdoor technical illumination studies
  • Automated open and closing systems for entrance doors and gates
  • Automated systems for barriers, shutters, blinds, windows
  • Videophones and intercoms
  • TV, terrestrial and satellite antennas
  • Home automation systems with remote control
  • Telephone switchboards

The firm has extensive experience in building and home automation systems.

In particular in the field of Industrial Automation we provide research and engineering of production and process machines with PLC, Structured Cabling and automation for production and process machines with Operating Panels.

Keeping abreast of all new technologies, the electrical division is extending its expertise and knowledge in the photovoltaic and domotic sector.