C.R.S. Impianti s. r. l. was founded in 1990.
Its business activity mainly focuses on the design, installation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems developing its business mainly at a national level, with a strong specialisation in the Hospital, Hotel, Industrial and Commercial sectors, distinguishing itself from its competitors for the superior quality standards and the company know-how, aimed in particular at energy efficiency and respect for the environment.
Customer satisfaction is a fundamental strength and cornerstone, designing and realising all possible living and working comfort demands.
To meet the need for efficiency and durability of the plant systems, a complete “turnkey” service has been developed which commences with a meeting with the customer, during which all specific needs and requirements are discussed and defined. The evaluation of the outcome results in the customised design of the system. Following an in-depth technical analysis, the engineering staff propose design solutions aimed at achieving the maximum possible quality/price ratio in compliance with the actual needs of customers.
All design and engineering activities are conducted in line with current legislation and with the highest safety standards.
The phases relating to design and engineering and the relative generation of the required documentation are developed and supported by specific and technical software (dimensioning, drawing, computation, SAL etc.).
As for its development plans, C.R.S. Impianti views the technological innovations in its sector as indispensable tools to achieve a new and more complete service to render to its Customers, and it is for this reason that the company has invested in the study, design and installation of renewable energy systems such as: hydroelectric turbines, cogeneration systems, trigeneration systems, geothermal and district heating networks with production of heat from sustainable sources such as wood, ground water, etc.
Thanks to its organisational flexibility and the high level of experience gained in the various sectors, C.R.S. Impianti is able to execute any proposed plant system design.
The operating staff, trained according to the requirements of Legislative Decree 81/80, have at their disposal all the most appropriate and modern tools and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure the realisation of systems to top workmanship standards and in complete safety.
The components and equipment we use to build our systems are selected from the top manufacturers in each sector. Thanks to this and to the superior quality maintenance provided, our systems guarantee maximum reliability and operational safety.


C.R.S. Impianti was founded on 5 January 1990: its corporate purpose is represented by the design, construction and maintenance of civil and industrial technological systems.

As for its development plans, C.R.S. Impianti views the technological innovations in its sector as indispensable tools to achieve a complete service to render to its Customers. It is for this reason that in 1995 C.R.S. Impianti creates an innovative remote after-sales service system for the plant systems that is considered to be among the most cutting edge in Europe.

In July 1997, given its marked continuous professional and economic growth, C.R.S. Impianti decides to transfer its registered office within a spacious and modern industrial estate located in Gorle in Via Maestri del Lavoro No. 33.

In 1998, C.R.S. Impianti obtains its first certification for its UNI EN ISO 9002 Quality System (now 9001: 2000).

In October 2000, C.R.S. Impianti obtains SOA certification and in particular OG11 category certification (technological systems).

In 2001, the Optical Pen goods detection system was introduced to provide efficient computerised warehouse management.

In 2003, in order to provide ever more complete and integrated technological solutions to our customers, C.R.S. Impianti creates a new in-house division for the design, construction and maintenance of electrical and special systems.

In 2004, C.R.S. Impianti expanded its office space by approximately 200 m2.
The purchase policy continues in June 2004 with the acquisition of a chapter in the industrial history of Bergamo: “Mazzocato P. I. Enzo”. The two companies are now merged to give continuity to an experience that should not be foregone. The history of Mazzocato P. I. Enzo, in fact, is that of a traditional metalworker-plumbing company, which has contributed to the deep rooting of the civil and industrial heating plant system engineering sector in Bergamo. History and progress merged to boost the corporate business of C.R.S. Impianti: pursuing innovation, without forgetting the know-how of the past.

In 2005, C.R.S. Impianti updates its Remote control for after-sales assistance with a user-friendly building management system, which allows remote supervision and control of the systems by technicians. Thanks to this project, the customer and our operators can monitor the system status of any building, of any size and functionality, anywhere and at anytime. The remote maintenance system uses the Internet through personal computers and/or PDAs with e-mail and SMS alarms. A secure solution, which reduces operating and management costs, without the installation of additional software and without the presence of an on-site technician.

At the end of 2006, the company moved its warehouse to a new roofed area of 1500 m2. The area, equipped with two bridge cranes, is divided into separate areas dedicated to specific activities such as the electrical workshop, vehicle maintenance, collector preparation, fork-lift area and a daily order processing area.

Between 2007 and 2008, C.R.S. Impianti changes its set-up, with spin-offs to create 4 separate enterprises, each of which dedicated to a specific business. C.R.S. HOLDING, which manages the administrative and financial assets, is the parent company of the other three; C.R.S. IMPIANTI, the historic enterprise which designs and realises high-tech plumbing & heating systems, paying attention to energy savings; C.R.S. ELETTRICA operates in the electrical and special systems sector, installing photovoltaic and home automation systems; finally, C.R.S. SERVICE which manages the maintenance of the plumbing & heating and electrical systems.

In 2009, in the wake of the recent investments in technology, C.R.S. designs and creates the “under glass” solar panel which is inserted inside the window glass cavity.

In 2010, with exceptional foresight towards the future, it took part in the Covenant of Mayors project in collaboration with Confindustria (Italian Industrial Federation).

In 2011 the very first business network in Lombardy was set up in Bergamo, and will operate in the renewable energy sector: R. I. S. E. E. (Business Network of Energy Efficiency Specialists), and the result of the aggregation between C.R.S. IMPIANTI, RESSOLAR from Bergamo, GUALINI from Costa di Mezzate, CRIEN from Milan, F. M. S. IMPIANTI TECNOLOGICI from San Giovanni Bianco, with the full support of the partnership between INTESA SANPAOLO and MEDIOCREDITO ITALIANO. The member enterprises operate in the field of energy efficiency and savings the objective being to enhance their own individual potential exploiting a series of dynamic synergies. Intesa San Paolo will support the group in relation to all financing, research, innovation and international growth requirements.
In December 2011, the BERGAMO GREEN ENERGY was set up, under the wing of C.R.S. IMPIANTI, DEDALO ESCO SPA and ING SRL, with the goal of using technology to face the future with particular attention being paid to the environment and alternative energies.
The Municipality of Bergamo rented 19 roofs of various buildings in the city on which to install photovoltaic systems. Furthermore C.R.S. IMPIANTI designed and installed COGENERATORS for a range of different enterprises in the province of Bergamo.

In 2013, C.R.S. Impianti obtains SOA certification for the OG2 category (Restoration and maintenance of protected buildings and property – National Heritage).

In 2014, C.R.S. Impianti was awarded the works regarding the plant systems for the Cascina Triulza Hub within EXPO 2015, a precious occasion that allowed the company to spread its name and know-how in an extensive and widespread manner. C.R.S. Impianti business operations are also in action outside the Italian borders: in February 2015 a branch was opened in Ghana, C.R.S. Plants Gh Ltd, which runs the same type of business.

C.R.S. Impianti business operations are also in action outside the Italian borders: in February 2015, C.R.S. Plants Gh Ltd. was established in Accra, Ghana.
A holding company with a 90% stake held by C.R.S. Impianti and a share capital of $ 250,000.
Work activities intensifies during the course of 2015.

C.R.S. Impianti’s business operations also develop in Spain where a tax domicile is opened (Madrid) to facilitate the management of local business contracts and the realisation of the MEP plants part of the extension works on Hotel la Residencia/Belmond in Palma di Majorca (SP).
Work begins in 2016 and will end in the year 2018.

The restructuring cycle undergone by the company over the last decade is finally completed, bringing a profound change no longer aimed at civil plant systems linked to activities with low technology added value. The increase in the quality of the service, the growth in the professional skills and expertise of its employees, thanks to continuous training programmes, have led to the company being awarded high technology contracted works and to interact with international clients and in specialised sectors.
Turnover reached pre-crisis values and the percentage related to classic constructions dropped from 67% (2008 value) to 4% (2017).

The year 2018 is characterised by the entry of the second generation to C.R.S. Impianti. In fact, in addition to the founder, Mr. Stefano Civettini, his son Andrea has now joined the company, as part of a project focusing on growth and business continuity.
The company’s IT system is updated, integrated with latest generation tablets.
The new IT system makes it possible to open intervention requests online, hence reducing time-frames and costs.
Outside of Europe, C.R.S. Plants Gh Ltd opens a new office in Accra, Ghana.